Hector Guerrero is a second-generation Pro Wrestler who spent his whole life in the wrestling business. He has worked for many independent and big wrestling companies. Hector is available to come to your wrestling school, promotion, conduct seminars and trainings. 

Hector's experience comes from a lifetime of personal involvement in all areas of the wrestling businessLet Hector put all of his years of experience to work helping you. If you want a successful wrestling promotion, he can help. He is available for the following:


  • Established promotions
  • Help you start and build your promotion.
  • Conducting seminars, workshops, trainings etc.
  • Booking wrestlers for your event.
  • Personal appearances.
  • Wrestling school consulting.
  • Promoting
  • Scouting new talent
  • Agent
  • Personal Appearances
  • Help new investors with their promotion. 


Added experiences includes: Fluent in Spanish, includes reading and writing in Spanish. Color commentating/commentating, Spanish broadcasting, English to Spanish translations, Spanish to English translations, voice overs, commercials etc. 

Contact us at pennyguerrero1@yahoo.com 

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